Antares 12


Le nouveau navire amiral de la gamme Antares est fidèle à l’identité et à l’histoire dessinées par ses prédécesseurs. L’Antares 12 opère une avancée remarquable en matière d’équipements, de confort à bord, de sensation d’espace et de raffinement. Son style reconnaissable sur tous les plans d’eau et sa grande polyvalence raviront toute la famille.

Swift Trawler 48


The new Swift Trawler 48 focuses on practical easy living and circulation and is built to seek new horizons. This mid-range boat has a strikingly stylish profile which features the new stainless framed teak slat fashion plates - aligned with those seen on the Grand Trawler 62

Swift Trawler 41


A generous passagemaker, the Swift Trawler 41 successfully renews the spirit and style of the trawler range. Ample living space, comfortable and practical, this new innovative 40-foot powerboat, available and both Fly and Sedan versions, has an on-board capacity of up to 7 passengers. What an accomplishment!

Swift Trawler 35


A safe, comfortable, and ingenious boat designed for the high seas. The many qualities and the size of the Swift Trawler 35 will tempt you to go on a long cruise.

Antares 11


With a length overall of 11 metres, the new flagship of the Antares fleet is the perfect illustration of a family cruiser. Safe, ideal for cruising, and seaworthy, the contemporary design of this powerboat focuses on comfort and space, as well as safety and innovation. The perfect weekender for a trip to Moorea !

Antares 9 OB


The ultimate weekender! With an innate sense of detail and comfort, the Antares 9 is an invitation to spend more time at sea. Modern and stylish, she preserves the traditional elegance of a established range. Autonomy, habitability, panache – she has everything to make short cruising a great experience.

Antares 8


More innovative and versatile than ever, the new Antares 8 boasts a range of new leisure functionalities, so you can enjoy maximum comfort and sail in the style and elegance that is a feature of this iconic range. A supremely versatile boat, perfect for chilling out with friends or setting off to cruise for a few days around Tahiti.

Antares 7 OB


Designed specifically for the family leisure market, Antares 7 adopts innovative solutions that make it the perfect choice for longer excursions. Easy to transport by road, Antares 7 promises a wealth of new discoveries and coastal sailing experiences.

Antares 6 OB


A small pilothouse boat at the top of its game! The ideal boat for excursions in the lagoon, fishing trips in the pass, and picnic outings, she goes a long way to building boating confidence and making the experience enjoyable in Tahiti.

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