Beneteau Oceanis with Sail Tahiti

The world reference in cruising, with eight models from 31 to 60 feet, the Oceanis is first and foremost a safe and efficient yacht. With ever more stable hulls, freer deck plans, simplified maneuvers, customizable equipment and interiors, the Oceanis range never ceases to embellish cruising. The dream of sailing in Polynesia takes shape with finesse with this range of boats. These new-generation sailboats feature sleek, elegant lines. Chic and spacious, each model has a real asset to bring you comfort and safety for your outings at sea.

Sail Tahiti can arrange delivery of your boat directly to the Pacific or from France to suit your sailing schedule. Whatever your project, we’ll help you become the owner of your own yacht and choose the Beneteau Oceanis boat that best suits your travel plans. Don’t wait any longer to discover the different models in the range!

Discover the Beneteau Oceanis range and choose your model

Sail Tahiti distributes all ranges of Beneteau sailing boats. Our aim is to help you find and prepare the boat that best suits your program for exploring the most beautiful things the ocean has to offer. We offer all the models in the Beneteau Oceanis range and the Beneteau Oceanis Yachts from 30 to 60 feet: Oceanis 30.1, Oceanis 34.1, Oceanis 37.1, Oceanis 40.1, Oceanis 46.1, Oceanis 51.1, Oceanis Yacht 54 and Oceanis yacht 60. Each allows you to discover Polynesia on a cruise, whether for a few days with the Oceanis 30.1, several weeks with the Oceanis 34.1 and 37.1 or around the world with the 40 to 60-foot Oceanis yachts. You can choose to receive your new Beneteau Oceanis yacht directly in Polynesia, or take it from Europe or the United States for a long trip to Tahiti. Our technical team will assist you from the preparation of the boat before departure to its regular maintenance in Tahiti or along your route. Our caretaking service allows you to leave your boat in Tahiti with a clear mind: we look after it in your absence, and when you come sailing it’s always perfectly ready.

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

With its taut lines, new stepped hull and streamlined deck layout, the Oceanis 51.1 is the first born of the new generation of sailing yachts. Easy to handle, simple and elegant, it offers a wide range of customization options. A fully modular boat to suit your future Pacific cruising project!

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1

The Oceanis 46.1 enters the dimension of large cruisers, offering an unprecedented balance of elegance, available space and performance. A multitude of clever, customizable features guarantee easy navigation in the most seductive comfort. An ideal blue water cruiser to reach Polynesia from Europe.

Beneteau Oceanis 40.1

The Oceanis 40.1 offers unprecedented volume and space on deck and inside, without sacrificing performance, thanks to a new hull design by Marc Lombard. To satisfy the most demanding sailors in terms of comfort and pleasure under sail, this boat is available in several versions with different layouts, draughts and rigs.

Beneteau Oceanis 37.1

Oceanis 37.1 spinnaker

This new 37-footer capitalizes on the innovations of the 7th generation Oceanis, which it completes. The eighth model launched since 2017, it reflects the entire personality of the range: large spaces, luminosity, ease of maneuvering. It offers sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions such as an optional electric motor and iroko cockpit cladding.

Beneteau Oceanis 34.1

Slimmer, lighter, with more sail area, and with a more spacious forward section for the owner’s cabin than its predecessor, the Oceanis 34.1 promises to be a pleasure to sail. It is both easy to handle and high-performance. The new collaboration between Marc Lombard and NAUTA Design once again delivers an incomparable signature, still in the unique style of the 7th generation Oceanis.

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

Simple to sail, yet lively at the helm, the Oceanis 30.1 promises discovery and thrills. It’s easy to handle for beginners. Sailing in the lagoon of Tahaa, coastal cruising between Tahiti and Moorea or even crossing to the Leeward Islands: this smart, robust little cruiser has a roadworthy size that opens up an infinite variety of programs, and French Polynesia has no shortage of itineraries!

Everything you need to know about the Oceanis range

The Oceanis range is Beneteau’s cruising signature. These new-generation yachts feature sleek, elegant lines. Chic and spacious, each model has a real asset to bring you comfort and safety for your sea outings. Emphasis has been placed on comfort, luminosity and storage space, thanks to maximum use of each boat’s beam. On the sailing side, Beneteau Oceanis are equipped with powerful tulip-shaped hulls to guarantee good stability and allow the use of a powerful rig, a guarantee of performance. Each Oceanis is available in several versions, ranging from maximum ease of maneuverability to the performance-oriented, under-sail sensations of the First Line.

Enjoy memorable sailing moments as you discover Polynesia on your Beneteau Oceanis!

Beneteau Oceanis video

Oceanis 51.1 sailing video

Oceanis 30.1 sailing video

Oceanis 34.1 sailing video

Oceanis 46.1 walkthrough

Oceanis 37.1 walkthrough

Oceanis Yacht 54 walkthrough

Oceanis models details

In order to compare the different models and versions of these boats, it’s important to take into account a number of specific features that make all the difference:

Oceanis 30.1: 9.53 meters long, 2.99 meters wide, 2 cabins and maximum engine power of 21 HP
Oceanis 34.1: 10.77 meters long, 3.57 meters wide, 2/3 cabins and maximum engine power of 30 HP
Oceanis 37.1: 11.93 meters long, 3.92 meters wide, maximum engine power 40 HP
Oceanis 40.1: 12.87 meters long, 4.18 meters wide, 2/3/4 cabins and 45 HP maximum engine power
Oceanis 46.1: 14.6 meters long, 4.5 meters wide, 3/4/5 cabins and 80 HP maximum engine power
Oceanis 51.1: 15.94 meters long, 4.8 meters wide, 3/4/5 cabins and 110 HP maximum engine power.

How much does a Beneteau Oceanis cost?

Becoming the owner of an Oceanis Beneteau boat is often a dream that you finally allow yourself to realize at some point in your life. The question of price is obviously one that needs to be addressed and taken into account for this dream. As these are sailing yachts that can be customized inside and out, the price may vary according to the state-of-the-art equipment you want on board. However, for this range of Oceanis Beneteau boats, you can expect to pay from around 125,000 euros to over 470,000 euros. So there’s something for everyone, depending on the model you choose!

Benefit from Sail Tahiti service

Sail Tahiti is the exclusive Beneteau dealer for Polynesia. We provide preparation, delivery, maintenance and after-sales service for your Beneteau sailboat or motorboat. We help you choose your model and its options, so that you get the Beneteau boat that best suits your program.

Sail Tahiti also assists you in financing and insuring your boat. Finally, we offer a rental management service that allows you to cover your maintenance costs and part of the cost of your boat. You benefit from a sailboat or motorboat that’s ready to go for each and every one of your cruises, and at reduced costs!