Sale and installation of Garmin electronic equipment in Tahiti

Garmin Marine electronic products available in Tahiti

Sail Tahiti distributes Garmin Marine products in French Polynesia. We offer all models of Garmin electronic navigation equipment. Our Service Center can install all Garmin equipment on your sailboat, catamaran or powerboat and diagnose any faults in your existing Garmin system.

Garmin Marine offers the most technologically advanced, user-friendly and cost-effective marine electronics on the market. It’s no coincidence that all the major boat builders use Garmin as original equipment.

Our team can install new Garmin equipment to complement your existing electronics system, whatever the brand of your current tools. We can also carry out a complete Garmin installation, at very attractive prices.



Harness the power of Garmin at the helm with our easy-to-use chartplotters and fishfinders. Benefit from navigation and sonar technology with an intuitive interface that combines advanced technology and connectivity to meet the needs of any captain or fisherman. Garmin chartplotters are particularly well suited to Polynesia thanks to their clear 4K resolution touchscreen, fast processors and accurate Navionics charts.


Garmin GHC 50 autopilot remote

Thanks to its solid-state 9-axis Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), the GHP Reactor™ autopilot series maintains your course even when your boat is pitching and rolling in choppy waters. Everyone on board enjoys comfortable navigation while course deviation, helm movements and energy consumption are kept to a minimum. Garmin reactor pilots can be installed with electric or hydraulic cylinders. They connect to Garmin GPSMAP chartplotters and can also be controlled by GHC 50 consoles and the Reactor remote control.


VHF AIS Garmin Cortex

Garmin offers VHF radios and automatic identification systems (AIS) designed to enhance sailor comfort and safety. Streamline your marine communications and avoid collisions with our state-of-the-art VHF and AIS offerings. The Garmin AIS 800 black box connects to all your electronics to display on your boat’s screens. The VHF 115 and 215 are designed for separate installations, while the VHF 315 allows multiple handsets to be connected. The all-new Garmin Cortex offers wireless handsets with touch screens, automatic sound and squelch settings, and remote boat tracking capabilities.


Garmin Fantom Radar

Garmin offers a complete range of radars and open radars. Garmin radars feature high-definition digital technology that delivers high-resolution radar images to your chartplotter. High-resolution images and high antenna gain enable targets to be spotted at a distance, while 8-bit color images improve target separation. The power-saving function lets you save energy when you need it, down to the second.


Garmin Gwind and GMI20

All the information you need is displayed either directly on your chartplotter, or on a wide range of high-precision glass instruments. Garmin offers a wide choice of instruments designed for both sailing and powerboats. Some of our packs are specialized for sailing and racing.


Safety at sea with Garmin Inreach Mini 2

Whether you’re offshore sailing, competitive light sailing, dugout canoeing or downwind foiling, safety is a priority! This compact satellite communications package lets you stay in touch with loved ones when you’re off the grid, adding peace of mind to every sailing adventure. In the event of a problem, you can easily raise the alarm. The satellite positioning system allows all your friends to follow your course and position in real time.


Fusion : the best marine sound systems

The world’s first touchscreen marine stereo with AirPlay® 2 software and built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity, the Apollo RA770 has redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative design. Fusion speakers produce superior sound that travels through the air. You can pair them with Fusion amplifiers and subwoofers, and control your entire sound system from your phone, Garmin tracker or Garmin watch.


Garmin Marine camera

Whether you want to capture the fun and excitement of sailing or protect your boat, Garmin has the cameras you need. And you can see it all on your compatible Garmin chartplotter. In tight maneuvering situations, our Surround View camera system eliminates blind spots – offering live video with bird’s-eye view and 360-degree cockpit visibility from a set of six onboard cameras.


VHF AIS Garmin Cortex

Using advanced sonar technology to detect what lies beneath the water’s surface, Garmin transducers enable boaters and fishermen to display precise, high-definition images on their multifunction displays. Garmin Live Sonar is the most unique and innovative sonar on the water. This cutting-edge sonar technology lets you see fish swimming, see your lure, all live and in real time. It even shows you 3D images of fish and structures around your boat.

Fusion : the best quality audio for your boat

Where can I find GARMIN electronics in Tahiti ?

Our offices are in the Vaima mall, directly opposite the Papeete marina. You can buy our Garmin products in stock in Tahiti, place orders for fast or economical delivery and have your equipment installed by our Service Center technicians.

Where can I get my GARMIN electronics serviced in Polynesia ?

Our Service Center technicians are based in Tahiti. We work daily in the two main marinas (Marina Taina, Marina de Papeete) and anchorage areas. We can intervene at very short notice in Taravao, Moorea, Raiatea and the Tuamotus, particularly Rangiroa, Tikehau and Fakarava.

Can I order GARMIN equipment to be delivered in Polynesia ?

Whether you are in Panama, the Marquesas, the Tuamotus or the Leeward Islands, you can contact us to order Garmin electronic equipment or to schedule a Service Center intervention.

Are GARMIN equipments expensive in Tahiti ?

In Polynesia, transport costs and import taxes unfortunately mean that the selling price of Garmin marine electronics equipment is a little more expensive than in Europe or the USA. However, we strive to minimize the difference by optimizing our sourcing to offer you the lowest possible prices.

For the plotters, autopilots, radar, GPS, VHF, AIS, sounders and FUSION equipment we have in stock, we maintain a maximum deviation of 25% to 30% from European public prices. If you need to order a Garmin or FUSION product urgently, additional transport costs are unavoidable, but we can offer you a clear and precise quotation.