Strategy : selling your yacht in the Pacific

French Polynesia is the most attractive location to sell your boat

What is the profile of boat buyers in the Pacific and why do they come to Tahiti to pick their yacht?

French Polynesia is the dream of sailors from all over the world, which makes it an ideal area to sell your boat. The beauty of the lagoons, the mild climate, the political stability, the economic development, the tax incentives and the quality of the infrastructure support the dynamism of the nautical market. In recent years, French Polynesia has become one of the main transaction centers in the South Pacific.

The geographical location of French Polynesia allows it to attract a very diversified clientele:

  • 35% of the buyers come from the USA, especially the West Coast, and wish to acquire a boat in Polynesia to be able to come and sail regularly. Some go as far as Hawaii, but most stay and enjoy the South Pacific.
  • 30% of the buyers come from Europe. Generally families or young retirees who wish to spend one or more sabbatical years without having to start with long ocean crossings, with a milder climate.
  • 30% of the buyers are from Australia and New Zealand: they generally spend one or two seasons in Polynesia before sailing back to their home countries. This is especially true since they avoid paying heavy import taxes upon arrival on their lands.
  • 5% of buyers come from the Asian continent. They cross the Pacific by sailing all along the journey.

The advantage of selling your boat in Polynesia is to be able to reach all your potential clients and to benefit from the dynamism of each region.
It is of course possible to sell your boat further west, but the context is less favorable for 2 essential reasons: in Australia you will have to pay important import taxes and in New Zealand, it is not the desired location to take advantage of the hot tropical zones, to get there you will have to sail in difficult conditions.

In addition, the standard of living and the number of inhabitants in the United States is higher than in Australia or New Zealand, which is why it is not advisable to lock yourself into a strategy focused on these destinations and miss the American market.

Whether you choose to stay in French Polynesia or continue your journey to the West, Sail Tahiti will work with you to ensure a smooth transaction, respecting your schedule and your financial objectives.