Let us help you find the boat that fits your lifestyle

and your project

We know that your choice of boat will be guided by what’s important to you.  You need to balance many things when making up your mind.  Your experience, where you intend to sail, who your crew will be and of course your budget.

Sail Tahiti have a the experience of 20k nm of blue water cruising with a family as well as a background of regatta and ocean racing sailing.  We love to sail well, and our brands represent this.  But most importantly, we know that buying your boat is not simply choosing your model.

We can help in the early stages of your project to:

  • Understand the the pros and cons of the models we represent
  • Fit your boat choice to your needs be that performance, sailing pleasure or space on board
  • Understand your financing options

Once you’ve decided on your boat we’ll help you to:

  • Fit your boat with the equipment that’s necessary for your project
  • Deliver your boat to where you want to start sailing
  • Learn to sail your boat
  • Maintain your boat with a service center ideally placed in the Pacific basin