Long term yacht rental ….or Purchase?

We are often asked the question, “Should I buy and then sell, or does it make more sense to do a bareboat charter for my seabbatical?”

French Polynesia and most particularly the mythic Bora Bora has long been a much-loved location for boat charter and sailing in general.  However, with bareboat chartering in Tahiti offered by just a couple of operators and almost always based on a weekly charge structure, you would be hard pressed to find a fair priced solution.

Until now, that is.  At Sail Tahiti we love cruising and our vocation is to see that you get to enjoy French Polynesia, with enough time and flexibility to reach some of the more off the beaten track anchorages.

We have 2 solutions for you:

  • Long-term charter: Cruise to the South Pacific on a new Excess 11 Catamaran: available in French Polynesia from April 2022 or take advantage of our special offer and cruise to Tahiti from France (Jan 2022), Martinique (Feb 2022), Panama (Mar 2022) or the Marquise Islands (April 2022).
  • Buy to cruise: for cruising periods of over 4 months and over it makes more sense to purchase your own yacht.  You can collect your boat from the Factory (France for Excess catamarans), or have your boat delivered to the US West Coast (Seattle or San Diego) or right here in French Polynesia.
Location en longue duree d'un Catana 381


Cruise French Polynesia on your boat


Long-term rental

The latest from the Beneteau Group, a thoroughly modern performance cruising catamaran.  All comfort options included, and a stylish and comfortable living plan.

There’ll be a qualified skipper on board taking care of you, or if you have skippered a boat on an ocean crossing you can charter bareboat.

Available from April 2022
1 month: 20,000€
Skipper: 4000 €/m

Special offer! Sail Tahiti’s new Excess 11 leaves the factory in France in January 2022.

Do the trip of a lifetime, join the boat in France and cruise all the way to French Polynesia.  Of if you have less time, join the boat in Martinique, Panama or the Marquise Islands.

15,000€ per month, skipper included


Buy to cruise

Purchasing is the most cost-effective way to live your long-term cruising dream.

Depreciation and running costs on your new boat would be 10% for the first year, this equates to around 2 months of charter at standard charter rates.

With a new boat there will be a warranty, so when compared to a pre-owned boat your maintenance costs will be much lower and you can cruise with the peace of mind.

If you choose to finance your boat, you can reduce your capital requirement to under 100k euros making this option much more accessible that you might imagine.

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