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The LEEN 51 is much more than just a motorboat. Designed by sailors, this trimaran is a hybrid boat, a real concentrate of power and dynamism. Equipped with a 450 to 600 HP Volvo Penta combustion engine, this trimaran can reach speeds of up to 20 knots. What’s more, its fuel consumption of just 2 liters per thousand at 10 knots is a true testament to reason and responsibility. Compared with other powerboats, whether monohulls or catamarans, the LEEN 51 consumes between two and four times less fuel. With electric motors as standard, you’ll be able to leave port in silence and enjoy unspoiled anchorages without emitting the slightest pollution.

Leen 51 exterior with solar panels

Are you looking to acquire an exceptional model in France or Polynesia? Sail Tahiti is the contact you need. Our know-how in the field of long-distance cruising allows us to offer personalized options. Sailing aboard the LEEN 51 promises to be a real pleasure. Thanks to its two electric motors in each float, its maneuverability is exceptional, this boat is easy to pilot, whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner. Its high passage height and low windage guarantee smooth and comfortable navigation, even in more difficult conditions. In addition, the LEEN 51 is equipped with an interior helm station in addition to the exterior helm located on the flybridge, thus offering great piloting flexibility. At anchor, the solar panels with a power of 2500W ensure comfortable and responsible autonomy. Maintenance is just as easy, a very spacious technical hold (inspired by the NEEL 51) makes it easy to maintain this hybrid trimaran. Count on Sail Tahiti to support and advise you to determine the LEEN-TRIMARAN model that best suits your needs, then prepare it to perfectly suit your needs. Our experience of transatlantic and transpacific voyages as well as long-distance life on board, backed by the strength of our technical team, have made us the benchmark for long-distance cruising to the Pacific. Sail Tahiti is a team of sailing enthusiasts at the service of your project. Let’s establish together new criteria in the art of traveling on the ocean.

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On the LEEN 51, the flybridge has a spacious surface area of more than 20 m2, providing a welcoming space for guests. A large table is available for convivial meals, while sun loungers allow you to relax at anchor. A fully equipped outdoor kitchen (griddle, fridge, etc.) allows you to prepare tasty meals while enjoying the panoramic view.

The generously wide side decks provide optimal safety when traveling on board the boat. You will be able to enjoy the space of the exterior deck in complete peace and quiet. Trampolines will allow you to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation thanks to comfortable sunbathing.

The cockpit is spacious and welcoming. Sunbathing allows you to fully enjoy the panoramic view and relax. The reversible seats allow you to either lean back while admiring the exterior view, or turn inside for a moment of privacy. The Cockloon® (clever fusion of the living room and the saloon) makes it possible to accommodate numerous guests in a half-indoor, half-outdoor living area, thus creating a perfect space for convivial moments.

The interior layout of the LEEN 51 is unique in the world. With its single-storey owner’s cabin, it offers an unrivaled level of comfort and habitability. You will benefit from twice the living space compared to a monohull of equivalent size.

This trimaran offers 4 double cabins, each with its own shower and toilet, offering total independence and privacy to all occupants. A true heir to the NEEL 51, the layout uses proven codes, with access to the floats from the inside and a pleasant living space offering a 270-degree panoramic view of the horizon.

In addition, the spacious and functional kitchen as well as the intensely bright saloon bring a touch of warmth and conviviality to the interior of the boat. Finally, in the cockpit, you can accommodate up to 12 guests around the table, for friendly moments with family or friends.


The LEEN 72 is the trawler with the greatest autonomy for long crossings: at 7 knots it can cover 5000 nautical miles, or 2500 nautical miles at 10 knots. In fact, the low drag specific to trimarans makes them much more efficient than classic monohull trawlers. The reception area above the water is impressive! More than just a boat; it’s a transformed browsing experience.

The LEEN 72 is designed for sailors who want to go far and for a long time, be able to face all types of conditions, and care about the environment. Its 2 electric motors allow it to be maneuvered without resorting to fossil fuels when in lagoons or a marina, or for a short crossing.

The layout of the LEEN 72 takes full advantage of its width with a huge flybridge on the upper deck. The main deck and floats can be arranged according to the owner’s wishes, always offering stunning views and unique communication between the helm station, galley, salon and owner’s cabin.

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Opting for a management-rental or co-ownership model offers financial and operational flexibility. LEEN-TRIMARANS models, with their generous spaces and contemporary aesthetic, attract a wide range of customers. Their efficiency and stability in varied maritime conditions appeal to expedition enthusiasts. It is an ideal solution for those looking to combine personal pleasure and intelligent investment.