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Sail Tahiti is the leading yacht brokerage firm in the South Pacific islands and the exclusive dealer for Beneteau, Excess, Neel and many more. We have a thorough knowledge of the international market, technical factors and the specificities of sailing in the Pacific.

Moreover, because we are headquartered in Tahiti we can create a real confidence relationship with buyers from all over the world who are thinking of buying a boat here. Some of our competitors based in other countries hire local agents on the ground in Tahiti but they do not carry the same weight. Who would buy a boat in French Polynesia with a firm headquartered thousands of sea miles away? Serious buyers want to know that they can rely on a full team in French Polynesia, not just an individual who reports to distant headquarters.

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to offer services ranging from boat sales to maintenance, yard management, equipment sales and rental management. This asset is essential to reassure buyers and offer them tailor-made solutions for their project, which remains the best guarantee of success for the sale of your boat.

Our sales service follows a complete path from the realization of a precise market study to the follow-up of the buyers’ project to ensure a serene transition.

Sail Tahiti’s support is complete: the entire team will be at your side to meet all your needs.

Sail Tahiti’s customer database contains more than 7000 qualified contacts, so we are able to target very precisely the prospects whose project corresponds to your boat. In order not to neglect any lead, we constantly communicate on multiple platforms: website (ours, Yacht Word…), social networks and traditional media (Multihulls World, Voiles et Voilier, Figaro Nautisme…).

Our team is trustworthy, we have already proved it many times. Sail Tahiti has been named best seller in the Asia Pacific region by Excess in 2022.

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