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Own a new boat without having to deal with the expenses and constraints of yacht ownership

Sail Tahiti is the leading boat dealer in Polynesia. We have created a rental management program specifically adapted to Polynesia, which allows you to discover sailing in the South Pacific while freeing yourself from constraints and earning income.

Because Polynesia is such a sailing area, our program focuses on management flexibility and the quality of your boat’s preparation. So you can explore Polynesia’s 5 archipelagos at your own pace: Marquesas, Gambiers, Tuamotus, Australs, Society… from lagoons with transparent waters and multicolored coral to islands with steep, jungle-covered volcanic slopes, you explore as you please.

When you’re not on board, we maintain, check, prepare and charter your catamaran or monohull.

Découvrez la Polynésie sur votre propre bateau tout en percevant des revenus

Discover Polynesia on your own boat while earning income


Location bateau Tahiti
  • You sail up to 6 months per year
  • Maximum 10 weeks of charter per year
  • We manage all the maintenance, marina, cleaning…
  • You pay the related costs and you get 65% of net charter revenues


  • You sail up to 3 months per year
  • Maximum 30 weeks of charter per year
  • We manage all the maintenance, marina, cleaning…
  • You don’t pay anything
  • You get 45% of net charter revenues


  • We prepare your yacht for your sabbatical adventure
  • We deliver her in Europe or the Caribbean
  • You take one year off to sail to Tahiti
  • Once in Tahiti you enter in one of our programs or ask us to sell your yacht for you

Free yourself from constraints with our rental management program

Sail Tahiti takes care of the complete technical management of your boat. We take care of

  • Finding a berth or buoy
  • Charter departures and arrivals
  • Carrying out periodic maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance booklet
  • Monitor, clean and prepare your boat at all times

Our teams use an app that lets you know where your boat is at all times, which maintenance operations have been carried out and which are planned, the state of the batteries, the engine hours, the state of the equipment etc.

When you’re not sailing, not only does your boat earn you income, it also gives you peace of mind. You can count on the passion and expertise of our team!

Choose between income or sailing, as you wish

With our programs, you choose whether you want to sail more, or at better times, or earn more income. We are in constant contact with you to optimize the rental management of your boat according to your wishes. So, unlike industrial rental management programs, we create tailor-made, flexible programs to suit your needs.

Choose your sailboat from among the most prestigious brands

Sail Tahiti is the exclusive Polynesian dealer for :


So you have the choice of boat for your rental management program: cruising monohull, racing-cruising monohull, high-performance catamaran or trimaran.

We offer the best boats for sailing in Polynesia: fast, seaworthy boats with great autonomy, from manufacturers with a proven reputation. This is your guarantee of a quality boat well suited to your sailing and income-generating needs.

Configure your boat as you wish

Sail Tahiti does not force you to choose a particular version or equipment. While autonomy at sea and performance under sail are the watchwords of our rental management program, it is you who sets the cursor:

  • Owner’s version for greater comfort if you want to sail far and long
  • 4-cabin version if you’re looking for more income and want to sail with all your family and friends
  • Conventional or lithium batteries, solar panels, watermaker: your boat is ready to go as far as you want.

You can rely on our sailing experience to help you configure your boat to suit your needs.

Sail in freedom

Our rental management program has no constraints for you: no limit on the number of weeks you can sail, the widest exploration zone in the world, no limit on your choice of equipment. When you’re sailing, you can always count on us to follow you from a distance. When you’re ashore, we’ll prepare your boat so that it’s always available for your navigations, whether you give us 2 days or 2 years’ notice. We can even do your provisioning and pick you up at the airport or take your boat to the island of your choice.

Explore Polynesia with our rental management programs!

You choose your boat, its equipment and your sailing schedule, and we’ll take care of the rest!  A video preview:

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