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NEEL Trimarans

NEEL-TRIMARANS can be delivered directly in Polynesia or in any port in the Pacific thanks to our partner network.

NEEL Trimarans are unique sailboats which combine high comfort on board and an amazing sailing pleasure. A perfect balance from the experience, know-how and skills of a team of sailing enthusiasts.

Neel Trimarans latest models

Neel 43 Surprising and innovative

The latest addition to the range, NEEL continues to innovate and amaze, with a real ambition to use bio-sourced and recyclable materials. The 43 is accessible, fun and comfortable, ideal for blue water cruising.

Neel 47 Comfort and performance

The NEEL 47 successfully combines the strengths of the ideal blue water cruising boat. With a new design giving a bigger crew more privacy and comfort, and keeping the sporty sailing pleasure we expect from a NEEL.

Neel 51  A sailing loft!

The NEEL 51, a long-distance trimaran, family-friendly and easy to sail, ensuring comfort and safety.

The NEEL 51 combines the advantages of its predecessors the NEEL 45 and the NEEL 65, performance and great comfort of life on board. It is a long-distance boat, family and maneuverable with a reduced crew. Its taut lines and its inverted bows give it a modern design and a racy look.

Neel 65 EvolutionThe flagship of the series

The NEEL 65, flagship of the fleet, offers unequaled comfort and sailing in “Sport-Chic” mode.

With the NEEL 65 EVOLUTION, sail beyond your expectations… A new and unique angle of view given to cruising, geared towards navigation in “Sport-Chic” mode. The design is very contemporary, the materials are sober and refined, the clean-lined single-storey space benefits from an exceptional 360° panorama.