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Do you dream of sailing in Polynesia, discovering its incredible beauty, enjoying a real offshore sailing experience and practicing water sports in the most secret spots… but you don’t have the time to devote a sabbatical year to it?

Charter your boat with Sail Tahiti. We’ve created unique, tailor-made one- to three-week charters to sail and explore the islands and atolls of Polynesia.

To take full advantage of the beauty of French Polynesia, chartering a boat in Tahiti is a must. From the sea, you’ll have access to incomparable viewpoints and can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean for a day or more. Discover the services offered by our company to help you enjoy a unique experience at sea!

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Why rent a catamaran in Tahiti?

If you want to make the most of your stay in Tahiti, renting a catamaran is a must. From the waters of the Pacific Ocean, you will enjoy a unique view of the island of Tahiti, as well as the other islands of French Polynesia, such as Bora-Bora, Raiatea and the Marquesas. A catamaran charter in Polynesia is your best way to travel to between islands and the best way to experience lagoon life.

Departing from the port of Papeete or any other port in Tahiti, you can take off in the direction you wish. Your skipper will pilot the boat to take you around the islands, so you can enjoy the experience to the full, whether with family, or with friends. With its shallow draft and stability, a catamaran is your best ally for comfortable life on board as well as sailing. Kitesurfing, tiare flowers, turquoise waters and mountainous islands: relax, you’re sailing in Polynesia.

How to charter a boat in Tahiti

SAIL Tahiti offers catamaran charter in Tahiti. Our catamarans are privately owned by individuals who have decided to offer their boats for charter.  Simply inform us for your group size, your dates and give us some ideas of what you’d like to do during your catamaran charter and we’ll take care of the rest!

How does a yacht charter work in Tahiti?

Boat rental in Tahiti begins with defining your requirements. You need to know how long you want your charter to last, how many people you’d like to take part in the adventure, what the dates of your stay are, and so on. With this information, you’ll be able to choose the catamaran that best suits your needs. For each catamaran, you’ll find a description of the boat to learn more about its equipment. In particular, you can find out how many berths are available.

You’ll also find plenty of photos of the catamaran, so you can see what it looks like inside and out. If you have any further questions about a particular catamaran, please don’t hesitate to contact our teams. We’ll be delighted to tell you more about our boats, and how boat rental in Tahiti works with our services.

What’s more, if you’ve fallen in love with a boat and would like to proceed with a yacht charter in Tahiti, you can book your stay by getting in touch with our teams. We’ll accompany you step by step to ensure that the catamaran you’ve chosen meets your requirements, and we’ll make sure you get a tailor-made offer. We can then take care of the administrative side of the booking, so all you have to do is enjoy your cruise afterwards.

What types of boats are available for charter in Tahiti?

In Tahiti, there are many different boats to choose from, depending on your budget. You could even consider cruising on a luxury yacht, but these vessels can be difficult to access and represent quite a budget.

A catamaran is an excellent choice to enjoy an adventure without sacrificing comfort,. With its roomy interior and large cockpit, you can accommodate bigger groups as needed.. There are even catamarans equipped to take advantage of certain activities to make your adventure all the more fun, live diving, surfing, paddleboarding, and wing foiling.

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How many cabins are there on our boats?

The number of cabins on a catamaran varies from model to model. What’s more, it’s important to distinguish between the number of cabins and the number of berths. A cabin can contain several berths. So, when it comes to chartering a boat in Tahiti, we recommend that you consider the number of guests that can be accommodated on each boat. This way, you can be sure that everyone will have a berth throughout the cruise. Then you can consider the number of cabins for logistical and privacy reasons, as well as the number of bathrooms on the boat.

Even if a catamaran has only small but cozy spaces for resting, it’s quite possible to enjoy a very comfortable stay. Take a look at the photos of our boats to see for yourself. Sleeping accommodations are comfortable and you can enjoy real privacy at night, despite the small size of the rooms, which is more than made up for by the outdoor relaxation areas.

How much does a yacht charter in Tahiti cost?

The price of a boat rental in Tahiti varies according to several factors, such as the type of boat chosen, the rental period and, of course, the duration. We offer preferential prices for early bookings and longer periods.

  • Boat size and model

The price of a yacht charter in Tahiti depends above all on the model chosen. Indeed, some boats are larger, more fully equipped or more luxurious than others, which inevitably means an additional cost for their reservation. We therefore advise you to choose a boat that suits your budget. Bear in mind that this is a holiday that you’ll be sharing with several people, so you may well want to consider splitting the cost of your Tahiti boat rental so that it’s less of a burden for you.

  • Rental period

The rental period also plays an important role in boat rental in Tahiti. In fact, there are certain periods that are more popular than others. This is particularly true of the so-called dry season, which runs from April to October. Hiring a boat during this period is generally more expensive than at other times of the year. That said, you’ll enjoy a mild, pleasant climate all year round, so you can make the most of your yacht charter in Tahiti.

  • Onboard activities

Some catamarans allow you to enjoy a wide range of water sports with dedicated equipment. Your yacht charter in Tahiti could be the perfect opportunity to try your hand at kiteboarding, foiling, surfing, diving, wakeboarding, paddleboarding or kayaking, for example. So don’t hesitate to opt for a boat rental in Tahiti that offers these services, and make the most of your stay to discover a multitude of activities in the most beautiful settings.

In fact, it’s entirely possible to benefit from the presence of a water sports coach on request. You’ll benefit from the expertise of a coach to help you learn how to use the different equipment and even progress during your stay. If you’re looking for a dynamic, sporty vacation, don’t hesitate to ask for a water sports coach and opt for a boat rental in Tahiti with a range of equipment.

Which are Polynesia’s most beautiful islands?

French Polynesia is a vast expanse of islands in the Pacific Ocean: 118 islands and atolls spread over a territory the size of Western Europe. The itinerary of your catamaran charter in Polynesia will therefore depend on the time you wish to devote to your cruise. Longer charters will take you to the Marquesas Islands, a wildly beautiful archipelago. You’ll discover the magnificent anchorages of Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Tahuata and the famous Baie des Vierges at Fatu Hiva.

The Society Archipelago, made up of the Windward Islands and Leeward Islands, is Polynesia’s most densely populated archipelago. It’s the easiest in terms of navigation, with relatively short distances. The landscapes are varied, combining high volcanic islands and enchanting lagoons.

Don’t miss the famous volcanic island of Tahiti, home to the capital Papeete. Nearby, the neighboring island of Moorea is a veritable playground for fans of water sports and marine animal watching. You can then continue your cruise to the Leeward Islands, where you’ll find the wildest Huahine, vanilla island Tahaa, sacred Raiatea and the dreamy lagoon of Bora Bora.

The Tuamotu Islands, Polynesia’s largest archipelago, is ideal for disconnecting from the world on its heavenly atolls and indulging in water sports. The atolls are veritable oases of underwater life in the middle of the vastness of the Pacific. The passes are among the world’s most famous diving spots. Here you’ll rub shoulders with tuna, bonito, king mackerel, trevally and various species of shark, from the harmless blacktip to the impressive and enigmatic great hammerhead.

When is the best time to sail in Polynesia?

The best time to rent a catamaran in Polynesia is during the dry season, from April to October, but you can sail in Polynesia all year round. Temperatures are warm, and the steady trade winds allow you to sail in peace in the magnificent lagoons of the Polynesian archipelagos.

The Marquesas, located closer to the equator, are an ideal archipelago for sailing from December to March, as the warm season here is less rainy than elsewhere in Polynesia.

Located in the middle of the Pacific, at 18 degrees south latitude, Polynesia’s Société archipelago, with its pleasant tropical climate, calm lagoons and magnificent seabed, is an ideal destination for a catamaran cruise. Sailing from island to island and through the lagoons is relatively easy.

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