Rapido 50

Performance Trimaran à Tahiti

Rapido 50 a partir de 1.25M USD

Rapido 50 en vidéo !


  • Length overall (LOA): 15.24m (50′ 9″)
  • Length of waterline (LWL): 14.96m (49′ 1″)
  • Beam overall (BOA): 10.38m (34′ 1″)
  • BOA (folded): 5.5m (18′ 1″) (59′ 5″)
  • BOA (float to float CL): 9.32 m (30′ 7″)
  • Freeboard: 1.60m (5′ 3″)
  • T (board up) 0.67m (2′ 2″)
  • T (board down): 3.52m (11′ 7″)
  • Displacement (light): 6,550kgs (14,440lbs)
  • Displacement (max): 8,400kgs (18,519lbs)
  • Mast Height above DWL: 24.7m (81′)
Rapido 50 Trimaran sail plan
Rapido 50 Trimaran Polar Diagram

Plan de Voilure

  • SA Main: 95m2 (1,023sqf)
  • SA Solent: 54m2 (581sqf)
  • SA Staysail: 18m2 (194sqf)
  • SA Reacher: 125m2 (1,345sqf)
  • SA Asym Spin: 160m2 (1,722sqf)


Every exceptional product needs a source of inspiration. For the all-new Rapido 50, that source has been the Rapido 60 which has proven herself to be an exceptional trimaran for:

  • Podium performances
  • Fast passage-making
  • Classic cruising
  • Couples; and
  • Sailors

Critically, the Rapido 60’s DNA can be found throughout the Rapido 50.

The Rapido 50 sets a new standard in the market place. It’s lighter, faster and easier and safer to handle with self-tacking jib, roller furler head sails and spreaderless mast.  With better weight distribution with heavy items (eg engine) in the middle of the boat and a high tech, infused carbon foam sandwich construction with beams, daggerboards, ruddercase and blade made from prepreg carbon and cured in autoclave.

And of course, folding floats (reduced fees for marina, hard stand and shipping)

When the idea to make the Rapido 50 a folding trimaran was first suggested – yes, that’s right, a 50′ trimaran that folds! – our initial reaction was, “ARE YOU CRAZY??”.

But after consulting with Pete Melvin from our designers, Morelli & Melvin, we thought, “Why not!”. After all, our management team has built more folding trimarans than anyone else in the world and if anyone understands the challenges and how to do it right, we do!

Folding floats:

  • Access to single marina berths
  • Access to all marinas
  • Reduced marina, hard stand and shipping costs
  • Keeps floats in upright position (no barnacles or algae on sides)
  • Maintains stability of trimaran in folding position and during folding

Folding mechanism:

  • High tech design by Morrelli & Melvin
  • Patented Design (concept by Paul Koch, Australia Patent Application No. 2019902014)

The Rapido folding system is winch-assisted to take away, what some people say, the “back-breaking » strength required on bigger boats with other systems.