Rapido 40

Performance Trimaran à Tahiti

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  • LOA: 12.00m (39′ 4″)
  • LWL: 11.96m (39′ 3″)
  • BOA: 8.80m (28′ 10″)
  • BOA (folded): 4.90m (16′ 1″)
  • BOA (float to float CL): 7.45m (24′ 5″)
  • Freeboard: 1.50m (4′ 11″)
  • “T » foil rudder board up: 0.56m (1′ 10″)
  • “T » foil rudder board down: 1.40m (4′ 7″)
  • Displacement (light): 4,229kgs (9,323lbs)
  • Displacement (max): 5,742kgs (12,659lbs)

Intracoastal Waterway

  • Max: 19.8m (65’)*
  • Mast Length Max: 17.55m (57′ 7″)
  • Mast Height above DWL: 19.88m (65′ 3″)

* Note: The design is for an ocean-going boat, built to CE Category A standards.

Plan de Voilure

  • SA Main: 76m2 (818sqf)
  • SA Solent: 43m2 (463sqf)
  • SA Staysail: 14.4m2 (155sqf)
  • SA Reacher: 100m2 (1,076sqf)
  • SA Asym Spin: 128m2 (1,378sqf)

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For Sailors. The Rapido 40 has the same DNA as the Rapido 60 – but only requires a single berth in a marina. And, thanks to our new, patented, folding mechanism, the floats (amas) can be folded without barnacles growing on the sides. 

The twin “C” foils will give the Rapido 40 a massive performance boost both upwind and downwind and by eliminating the need for a central daggerboard, the interior space has increased with the added benefit of 360 degree visibility. (In the diagram above, note the “T » rudder foil in the “down » position.)

For normal day sailing or cruising, both C foils can be in the “down » position or one raised without adding material drag.


Customers always have options in the market. We believe the Rapido 40 will capture the interest of this segment for the following reasons:

  • Lighter
  • Faster
  • Easier and safer to handle with self-tacking jib, roller furler head sails and spreaderless mast
  • CE A Certification for safer ocean crossings
  • Better weight distribution with heavy items (eg engine) in the middle of the boat
  • Functional interior finished to Rapido 60 standards
  • High tech, infused carbon foam sandwich construction with beams, daggerboards, ruddercase and blade made from prepreg carbon and cured in autoclave
  • Folding floats (reduced fees for marina, hard stand and shipping).

We believe the Rapido 40 very clearly sets itself apart from other offerings in the market in terms of both performance and value.

Rapido 40 Trimaran velocity predition analysis