More than just a spectacular cruising destination … our top reasons to sail in Tahiti !

1/ It’s beautiful and unspoiled

With just under 300 000 inhabitants scattered over several hundreds islands and atolls lying in an area the size of Western Europe, French Polynesia is undoubtedly one of the last unspoiled regions of the world.

There are 3 kind of islands, each with its own beauty : mountainous islands without lagoons (the Marquesas Islands), mountainous islands encircled by a lagoon (the Society Islands) and atolls (the Tuamotus and Gambier Islands).

If you ever dreamed of visiting Bora Bora, just imagine that this one island amongst several hundreds, all more beautiful than the other.

2/ Incredible hikes

Polynesian islands are very mountainous with steep cliffs and jungle, rivers and waterfalls, meaning they are not just about sailing but also about hiking. In Tahiti, Moorea and the Leeward Islands there are a some excellent local guides and books to help you. If you are strong enough, the Mount Aorai with the summit at more than 2000 meters above sea level is a must. If you feel like a proper daredevil try the Montagne Percée in Moorea :

For easier walks try following one of the many rivers that go deep in the valleys.

3/ The best surfing and kitesurfing spots

There are hundreds of surfing spots in Polynesia as each channel entrance to a lagoon will trigger the waves depending on the swell direction. Amongst the most famous Taapuna, Vairao, Papenoo, Papara in Tahiti, Haapiti, Opunohu in Moorea, Rangiroa, Tikehau, Faite, Apataki in the Tuamotus. And obviously the infamous Teahupoo, the gnarliest tube in the world!

If you want to watch the action, contact one of the few surf guides like Raimana Van Bastolaer  or Michael Vautor.

For gromits, there are some great surf coaches to help you learn or simply get better.

If you love kitesurfing you will stay forever in the Tuamotus as each atoll boats flat, transparent shallow waters and tradewinds. Daredevils can also kitesurf in the big swells outside the channels. If you want to discover this sport best to contact one of the kitesurfing schools in Tahiti and Moorea or managed by kitesurf champ Manutea Monnier.

4/ It’s romantic

Do we need to write anything or do the pictures speak for themselves?

The sheer beauty of French Polynesia has made it the top honeymoon destination for the lucky few. If you’re looking for something more authentic than a 5 star resort in Bora Bora, try barbecuing the fish you caught in a remote atoll… It will be the experience of a lifetime.

If you have no budget limits then spend a few days on Marlon Brando’s Tetiaroa atoll or for other ideas of fantastically romantic activities see the Tahiti Tourism official site.

5/ The culture is vibrant

Despite all the efforts of the Missionaries to suppress dancing and singing amongst the Polynesian population, their culture has remained alive.

If you sail to Polynesia in July you’ll be in time for the Heiva festivities in all the islands and atolls, with major events in Tahiti.

If you’re around in February do not miss the Easter Island Festival or in December the Marquesas Festival.

6/ Safe anchorages

There are hundreds of anchorages in the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Gambiers and Society archipelagoes, all of stunning beauty. Most of them are well sheltered from the prevailing tradewinds. For a detailed analysis of where to put your boat in safety during the hurricane season read our webpage on the subject.

7/ Easy inter-island travel

Sailing between the islands of Polynesia is mostly easy as the tradewinds blow 15 to 25 knots.

The longest stretch is from Marquesas to Tuamotus. In the Tuamotus there are dozens of atolls, often very close to each other.  You will need to pay attention to the outgoing current in the channels. You can learn more about some of the atolls on our webpage on this subject . The route from Tuamotus to Tahiti is around 150 miles and then from Tahiti to Moorea to the Leeward Islands it is just under 100 miles.

Last but not least there are many inter island flights so your friends and family can easly join you where you’re anchored.  If you’d like some help with booking tickets and accommodation, there are several travel companies that can help.

8/ Great fishing

French Polynesia has some of the best fishing in the world and the good news is that industrial fishing is banned in the entire area, so it’s likely to stay that way. All Pacific Ocean tuna are born in Polynesia, more specifically in an area just south of the Marquesas. There are many more pelagic fish such as Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish), Waou, Swordfish etc… Inside the lagoons the number of fish is simply incredible.

9/ Exciting regattas

Taking place in the Leeward islands between Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora in May of each year the Tahiti Pearl Regatta can’t be missed. Not only is the scenery fantastic and the parties unforgettable but it’s also a high level regatta requiring lots of tactics to play with the currents and the wind changes created by the high mountains.

Learn more and register online. It is not the only regatta in Polynesia with races organised every other weekend in Tahiti by the Yacht Club de Tahiti. Be it optimist sailing, sport boats or cruisers, there are a lot of events.

The most popular sport in Polynesia is the outrigger canoe and there are several major races each year. The most important is the Hawaikinui Vaa race which takes place in November. It attracts a huge audience and you will love following the event.

Last but not least, the sailing outrigger canoes have their own events notably the incredible Hawaikinui Voyage, going from Tahiti to Bora Bora in 3 men canoes.  Sail Tahiti was there supporting the 2017 edition >>.

10/ Excellent yards and technicians

There are 6 dry docks/ boatyards in French Polynesia : 1 in Marquesas (Hiva Oa – Maintenance Marquise Service), 1 in Tuamotus (Apataki Carrenage), 2 in Tahiti (Papeete – Technimarine and Taravao – NSI) and 2 in Raiatea (CNI and Raiatea Carrenage.)

There are also plans to open a new one in Tahiti or Moorea as the number of boats keeps increasing.

Thanks to the growth of the yacht charter business and the number of yachts sailing through Polynesia each year there are more and more specialized technicians.  Although Tahiti can’t yet compete with New Zealand, the development of technical infrastructure for yachts is a government priority.

Some of the technical experts that you can call on to help you are :

Marine surveyors in TahitiPatrice Beuscher (,+689 40 53 23 13); Christian Fuller (  +689 87 79 06 06); Nicolas Gruet ( +689 87 70 89 39); Vincent Goyat ( +689 87 204 708)

Marine surveyors in Raiatea/TahaaChristophe Citeau ( +689 87 79 63 81)

Diesel mechanics: Yanmar dealer and shipchandler : Sin Tung Hing Marine ; Volvo dealer and shipchandler : Nautisport

General mechanics, Nani Diesel, watermaker, hydraulics : Sopom –

Gelcoat, resin, detailing, refrigeration : Poly Marine Solutions –

Sailmaker : Tahiti Sails

Rigging : Mat Rigging

We’re always happy to help | +689 87 24 28 75 or +689 87 32 88 45