Key Details

A celebration of sailing, lasting 3 days, in the Leeward Islands of French Polynesia: this is the vision of the Tahiti Pearl Regatta. The event started in 2004, by a group of friends who shared the same dream of putting Polynesia on the sailing map. 13 Years later, it’s the biggest sailing rendezvous in Polynesia and an international sailing event.

Event overview

The Tahiti Pearl Regatta brings together the best of sailing in Polynesia for 3 days of racing and festivities in and around the lagoons of the Leeward Islands.  Over the years the event, which started between friends, has become the sailing destination of the year uniting not only local racing professionals, but also sailors undertaking their world tour as well as international sailing champions.  The course alternates between around the buoys and inter-island races, giving space for all types of boat to excel.  From 18ft speedfeet to 60ft cruising boats, racing machines like the A35 or the Class40 … it’s no surprise that the international media is interested in this event.  The setting is beautiful, the courses provide plenty of tactical interest and the competition is strong … making the TPR a really special event.

Traditional French Polynesia provides the backdrop for the events festivities, with dancing and entertainment and the warm welcome of the people of this region.  After the day’s sailing, cocktails next to the lagoon, music, food and discussion with fellow participants all go into making this event a truly memorable occasion.

Photos and videos of the 2016 edition