A sleek and fast trimaran with incredible volumes

Neel 52

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From 4 to 6 cabins + 2 crew quarters

Neel 52

An impressive interior/exterior living space

With its racy, modern silhouette, elaborately designed hull and sleek lines, the NEEL 52 exudes power, speed, and elegance.

Combining all the qualities on which the success of its predecessors was founded, this model stays true to the range. It is a fast, safe trimaran that accommodates up to twelve passengers yet is easily handled by a small crew.

It boasts remarkable seaworthiness, performance (both sailing and motoring), and comfort.

NEEL-TRIMARANS once again entrusts the design of the NEEL 52 to Lombard.

Basing their design on the NEEL 47 and NEEL 43’s sailing experiences, the Lombard firm has consolidated the positive attributes, the hull’s voluminous floats and high freeboard.

The hulls of NEEL trimarans combine a central ‘rockered’ hull, which facilitates tacking and manoeuvring when in port, with streamlined floats that provide stability and prevent pitching.

The design of the hulls for the NEEL 52 also had to consider the load on long distance voyages. The load capacity of the NEEL 52 is 19.5 tons.

The NEEL 52 features the renowned Cockloon®, an impressive interior/exterior living space made possible by the wide opening between the cockpit and the saloon. It also incorporates the « Full Beam Cockpit® », an extra-wide cockpit with multiple

seating configurations that can be rearranged to take full advantage of the different perspectives.

The helm station, installed at mid-height, is particularly ergonomic and has a triple seat.

Its access, from the cockpit via side steps or from the deck, ensures seamless communication between the skipper and the crew.

The roof is reached by side steps leading up from the cockpit and on the helm side, rendering the mast, boom and sun-deck area easily accessible.

Around this area, a secure handrail has been incorporated for safe movement aboard.

The wide, well-protected stern skirts make it easier to access the sea and manoeuvre the dinghy.

In addition, the system for lifting and handling the dinghy has been greatly simplified.

The living space on one level is highly ergonomic and entirely open plan, offering exceptional luminosity. The kitchen and the chart table face forwards. The panoramic view from this huge saloon is breathtaking.

Both elegant and simple, the decoration (high-end upholstery, top-quality carpentry, solid wood, Bolon® and Corian®) gives the NEEL 52 a look of timeless distinction and gives the ample living space a calming atmosphere.

Flow of movement on board is smooth, and the cabins are accessed via private stairs.

The boat’s pleasant handling, which is unique to the trimaran, is made possible due to centred weights (heavy equipment, engine, batteries, tanks) in the central float. The easily accessible engine room is located in the boat’s central float.

The sail plan comprises a mainsail (with 3 reefs) and a staysail on a rolling furler (on a structural wire inside the sail).

The asymmetrical spinnaker makes it easier to comfortably sail downwind. There are 2 rigging options to choose from:

• Conventional rigging: the mast and boom are made of aluminium while the standing rigging is made of stainless-steel wires.

• High-performance rigging: the mast is made of carbon with an aluminium boom and the standing rigging is made of textiles (except for the forestay which remains a wire) (70 cm difference in height between the two mast versions).

All manoeuvres lead back to the helmsman who enjoys an unobstructed 360° view at the helm.

The NEEL 52 is a beautifully-sized, fast, and voluminous trimaran. It therefore offers a vast range of sailing possibilities. Everything’s possible, from peaceful cruising to long-distance travel and rally racing.

The various configurations of the NEEL 52, integrating 4 to 6 cabins and the possibility of adding 1 to 2 crew quarters, are suited to individual owners or charter companies.

Neel 52 specifications

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