Neel 51 Trimaran – launched Oct 2022

Chica 3 is a Neel 51 trimaran built in October 2022, and certainly the most accomplished of the series. The boat has been optimized for round-the-world sailing in every respect: safety, performance, stowage, energy, electronics and finish.  Chica 3 dominated the longest leg of the World Arc, between the Galapagos and the Marquesas, winning not only in compensated time but also in real time, 2 days ahead of the 2nd place finisher.  The boat also set the speed record for Neel trimarans, surfing at over 25 knots.

Performance is far from her only asset: all on-board systems have been improved on the standard, with the support of Neel for the design and Pochon (French electronics leader) for energy and electronics. Chica 3 is equipped with the Integrel energy management and production system, which will be an option on Neel 52s. It’s the most advanced system I’ve ever tested on a blue-water yacht:
– 2600 W of solar panels
– 36 KW lithium batteries
– 2 x 165 Ah gel batteries
– Integrel 9 KW alternator

The Integrel alternator is coupled to the Yanmar 110 HP engine (replacing the standard Volvo 75 HP) and intelligently recharges the lithium battery pack, which in turn supplies the conventional batteries. In concrete terms, Integrel adapts the engine speed according to load requirements and the power demanded for propulsion. The system thus replaces a generator: one less diesel engine on board for equivalent electrical production! If you don’t want to use fossil fuels, you can use the large solar array to meet your daily needs.

The boat’s optimization doesn’t stop there. The electronics are top-of-the-range, and nothing has been left to chance when it comes to safety, from the parachute anchor attached to the emergency buoy to the powerful searchlight with a dedicated electrical connection right next to
the helmsman. 2 Emergency bilge pumps are ready for use. Chica 3 is equipped not only with 2 autopilots that can be interchanged in seconds, but also with a super-easy-to-install emergency rudder. The main electrical controls are repeated at the helm station: no need to go inside to switch on the navigation lights or the deck spotlight… A timer has been installed on the electric water heater so it only uses the energy it needs.

All the running rigging has been optimized: all the halyards are made of dyneema, the blocks are sized above standard, the reefing lines are overbraided, etc. The mainsail has 3 reefs instead of the standard 2. Chica 3 has a 233 m2 parasailor. The anchor is a 35 kg stainless steel Mantus Ultramarine, with 90 meters of 12mm stainless steel chain. The tender is a 340 hypalon highfield with a Yamaha 2-stroke outboard.  The central engine room is a model of its kind: spacious, well-organized with custom-made shelving. The absence of a generator, replaced by the intelligent Integrel system, frees up enormous storage space.

The interior also combines the shipyard’s best features, such as the electrically adjustable folding saloon table (dining table, coffee table,
extra berth) and additional equipment for comfort and safety: fargue rails on the shelves in the cabins and bathrooms, stainless steel handrails, teak grating in the showers…

In short, Chica 3 is not only the most recent Neel 51 available on the market, but also by far the most accomplished.  She will be available from
August 2023 in Fiji, ready to continue her round-the-world voyage exploring the Pacific and Indian Oceans. From Fiji, you can sail to Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and return to Polynesia and the American West Coast. To acquire a Neel 52 trimaran, you’ll need to wait over 2 years and budget around 1,500,000 euros ex VAT for such a well-equipped boat.  This makes the Neel 51 Chica 3 a unique opportunity. We can assist you in delivering the boat to the area of your choice, or in planning your grand cruise from the Pacific. Finally, for European buyers, the LOA can be taken over to limit the initial investment. Watch our video to learn all about the Neel 51 Chica 3 and contact us to visit or make an offer.n offer.

  • Price : 1 200 000€

  • Brand : Neel Trimarans

  • Architect : Joubert-Nivelt

  • Location: Tahiti – Fidji

Boat specifications

Vidéo du bateau