Project Description

Nacra 350

Designed for the young and the young at heart




Length: 3.5 m
Width: 2.1 m
Mainsail: 8 sq m
Jib: 1.35 sq m
Mast height: 5.7 m

Nacra 350

Designed for the young and the young at heart

The 11ft catamaran is designed to teach children the enjoyment of catamaran sailing.

The Nacra 350 will be available in 2 versions.

For clubs and schools.
Mainsail only and shallow draft rudders

For the club racer or just for fun.
Strong and attractive Monofilm sails
Deep rudders
Adjustable roller traveller

This boat is the next generation of small and easy to handle catamarans.

The Nacra 350 features all the latest technology in design and build techniques used on other makes of Nacra catamarans.

This boat has modern looks, features all modern equipment, is simple to sail and is very versatile.

The Nacra 350 will teach the art of catamaran sailing to a new generation of young sailors.

The boat was designed to be easily transported, the Nacra 350 will easily fit onto any standard box trailer ,camper trailer or small catamaran trailer.

With the new Nacra 17 being chosen for the next Olympics-this is the perfect starting point for the next generation of young sailors.


  • Wave piercing & large volume hulls Modern design
  • Non skid built into hull Safe trapezing
  • Extra bulkheads Ultra strong construction
  • Boomless square top mainsail Quick & safe sailing
  • Pre shaped racing battens Optimum sail shape
  • Non overlapping jib Easy tacking & gibing
  • Diagonal cut mesh trampoline with pocket Easy fitting & storage
  • Adjustable carbon reinforced rudders Strong & reliable
  • Ackerman steering system Optimum turning
  • Kick up rudders Safe Beaching
  • Quick release rudder connection Easier travelling
  • Anodised spars Long lasting life
  • 6:1 mainsheet system Easy adjustment
  • 4 wheel traveller car Simple adjustment
  • Single trapeze system For the thrill!
  • 3:1 downhaul system Simple adjustment
  • Adjustable chainplates Simple rig tension
  • Plastic coated side stays Protection to sail
  • Captive mast step system Safe mast raising & lowering
  • Semi eclipsed front beam Stiff platform
  • Adjustable wire dolphin striker Simple tensioning
  • Under 2.1m width Easy storage & travel
  • 5 year limited warranty Peace of mind.(Private use only)

(Note these are sport features)

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