Corsair Marine

With its rich 30 year history as a world leader in high quality multihull manufacturing, Corsair Marine has more than 2000 trimarans sailing in all parts of the world. From competitive racing to family cruising; day sailing or longer expeditions, the Corsair range offers the perfect boat for demanding sailors in search of adventure.

Why Buy a Corsair Trimaran?

  • They’re Fast, Safe and Exciting, they deliver speed on a puff of wind
  • They’re Trailerable, quick and easy from trailer to sailor
  • Versatile, Fun and Stable, the wide beams provide a flat stable platform under sail
  • Their shallow draft allows you to coast directly up onto any beach

Corsair 880 the most exciting multihull in 2020 !

An all-new Corsair, and the legitimate heir to the trimaran revolution started by the Hall-of-Fame anointed F-27 in 1986. The pinnacle of trimaran design, this Corsair can sleep 5 people. The Corsair 880 has full standing headroom, enclosed heads, a proper galley and all big boat systems – meaning electric lighting, refrigeration, manual or electric toilet, solar panels, a small generator and even air conditioning is available. In true Corsair fashion, the generator and air conditioner are removable to reduce excess weight when racing.

Corsair 760 wins Multihull of the Year 2018

Introducing Corsair Marines newest pocket cruiser, the Corsair 760. Originating from the ever popular Corsair 24 and 750 range this new model has received a radical redesign by our partners at Perus Yacht Design.

The 760 offers sailors more comfort, performance and safety than any other trimaran range in this size. This has been achieved by cleverly designing high volume, wave piercing floats. Offering additional buoyancy and significantly increasing the vessels righting moments and safety margins.

The 760 offers a comfortable cruising interior with compact galley and pop top. This compact cruising trimaran has been designed to comfortably sleep couples for weekend getaways and with the addition of an optional collapsible dining table will sleep up to 4 making the 760 a performance cruiser the whole family can enjoy.

Being able to easily fold and quickly trailer is an important feature for all Corsair trimarans and is a feature that will make the 760 such a great choice for people looking to get out on the water and have fun with minimal effort.

The 760 is also sold in a SPORT version including carbon rotating wing mast and additional performance enhancements.

Pulse 600 European yacht of the year 2018 and SAIL Best Boats winner

This exciting new 20′ trimaran is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of  sailors. On a product more compact and affordable than ever before, you can be part of the growing Corsair community with over 2000 boats launched and countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure.

Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds. The Pulse 600 is a sports boat that is about pure fun… Designed for conveniently easy rigging and setup so you can quickly launch, unfold the floats and get out on the water. With modern reverse bows and high volume floats, even the most performance oriented sailors have plenty to get hooked on with our smallest addition to the Corsair range.