Wellcraft 352 Fisherman

Colors at your choice

It’s simple: In one hand luxury and comfort, in the other a soul for fishing. The Fisherman 352 will provide a unique adventure for any boater and angler.

The Admiral of the Fisherman range is available in several custom modular configurations.

As on the 302, there are accesses from the stern and from the port side.

A very nice triple bench seat plus a single rear seat welcomes you to the rear, overlooked by a huge refrigeration space for fish.

The water drains very easily on the ground thanks to suction grids at the rear. There are two large coolers under our feet at the back, a large work surface for the preparation of fish convertible into a sink, an illuminated aquarium, a large sliding refrigerator as well as sliding drawers to store your lures.

The very resistant rigid T-top equipped with powerful headlights protects a huge central console: Two modular pilot seats, two 22″ screens, a control panel with unique stainless steel finishes, a storage box in the ceiling and even a shore power socket .

On the sides the Fisherman 352 is equipped with offshore grip in a modern and sporty design, which can also be found in the central console.

Main features :

  • Side Access
  • Ridig T-top + soft rate in option
  • Front lounge
  • Triple rear bench seat
  • Full embedded electronics available
  • Built-in cooler
  • On-board sound system
  • Sink and toilet in the cabin
  • Large front lockers