We’ll work with you to understand your plans and ambitions

Your plans and budget

Now that we know where your plan to sail and what your requirements are, we’re ready for 2 key questions:

When do you plan to set sail and what is your budget?

Each boat has its own considerations, perhaps it’s not located in your home port, perhaps is needs some ocean cruising preparation.  To be sure that you can keep your plans, we’ll help you with these considerations.  Be that by providing technical services or delivering the boat to where you need it.

Your budget is important.  We don’t just look at the list price of boats, we help you to understand what you might be expected to spend in maintenance in the coming years.  We want your boat ownership to be successful.

Your requirements

Now that we understand your ambitions, let’s discuss your requirements.

How long have you been sailing for? On what type of boat?  Are you an experienced sailor or would you like support for your first sea trips?

Will you sail with a crew and how experienced are they?  What are their tastes and age?

What’s important to you, comfort or performance?  If speed is your objective, what are you prepared to sacrifice?

Your requirements are important to us, they’ll help us to find you the right boat.

Where will you sail to?

What do you plan to do with your boat? Knowing the answer to this question we can suggest boats that will help you realize your ambitions.

Perhaps you prefer power boats … to spend a weekend with your family in a beautiful anchorage.  Or would you prefer deep sea fishing with friends?

You have your eye on a sailboat … to win regattas, or for weekend excursions?  Perhaps you want to live aboard, or you dream of crossing the Pacific or sailing around the world?

We’ll ask you all kinds of questions so that we can be sure to help you find the right boat

Visiting and making your choice

Now that we know all about your plans and ambitions, we will be able to suggest boats to you that fit your program.

We know the boats that we are selling well. We will take you through their inventory, explain their strengths and weaknesses, talk about their maintenance needs and their readiness to set sail.  We’ll help you to imagine what owning them might mean.

If you decide that one of our boats might fit your program, we will be happy to welcome you to Tahiti to try the boat out.  We insist that you get to sail your boat before you buy, what other way can you be sure to make the right choice?  Sea trials are an important part of our service.