Choosing the perfect boat means knowing what you’re looking for. Let us know where you’re planning so sail, your experience and your budget and we’ll help you in your search. Let us help you find your future boat

Visiting and testing out a boat in Polynesia can seem far away and complicated. That’s why we’re here to help you. We can organize your trip to ensure that you visit and try out all the boats you have an eye on, without losing time and of course in a wonderful setting. Come and see us in Tahiti…

Thanks to our network of professionals in Polynesia, we can help you to prepare your boat for ocean cruising or racing. We also arrange boat deliveries and provide weather and routing assistance for ocean passages.

We take valuing boats seriously. We’ll go through your inventory and boat history with you and undertake a sea trial so that we know the boat as well as you do. This way we can agree the price and understand which buyers to target, allowing us to put into action our commercial strategy