NEEL TRIMARANS: multihulls designed for the Pacific

Sailing in Polynesia on a trimaran

Neel trimarans are among the very best in ocean-going multihulls. More livable than most cruising catamarans, they also offer greater safety, better sea passage, easier maneuverability and greater speed.

The qualities a boat needs to sail in Polynesia and the South Pacific:

French Polynesia is a maritime territory as vast as Europe.

118 islands and atolls are scattered across 5 archipelagos. But this is only the central part of the Polynesian triangle, which stretches from Easter Island in the southeast to Hawaii in the north and New Zealand in the southwest. This Polynesian triangle is itself part of the Pacific Ocean, which is 5 times larger than the Atlantic!

This gives you an idea of the playing field, and therefore of the nautical qualities required to enjoy it to the full:

  • Be capable of good average speeds to cover long distances
  • Be able to sail close-hauled to gain in the East towards the Gambiers or the Marquesas Islands
  • Be completely self-sufficient in water and energy
  • Have good carrying capacity for food and equipment
  • Remain safe and comfortable even in heavy swells
  • Be easy to handle, so as not to tire the crew

NEEL trimarans are the obvious choice for a great Pacific sailing adventure

What gives them these advantages?

Living Space:

The living space of a multihull depends on its dimensions and design. The Neel’s width allows it to offer far more living space above the water than catamarans of the same length. The quality of the design, with total fluidity between interior and exterior, creates that loft-like feeling on the water, unique to Neel.


Security :

Safety also depends on width, which increases the righting moment, and on weight centring. The advantage of trimarans is obvious in this area, which explains why the great ocean-racing multihulls are now all trimarans. Neel has transposed this advantage to the world of ocean cruising, with perfect weight centering in the central hull, which houses the engine, fuel tanks, technical equipment and more.

Passage through the sea :

Passage through the sea is determined by the design of the hulls: while width favors stability and limits the risk of overturning, it’s the combination of very taut outer hulls and volume at the bow that ensures good passage through the sea, even upwind. A Neel trimaran rivals a centreboard catamaran in terms of upwind performance, while being easier to handle and less fragile.

The righting moment: catamaran vs. trimaran

The stability of a trimaran

Autonomy at sea :

Autonomy is essential for long periods of exploration, sailing and anchoring. You need to produce your own fresh water with a good-capacity watermaker (ideally 100 liters/hour or more), generate enough electricity with your solar panels, a wind turbine and/or a hydrogenerator to power your fridges, electronics and watermaker, and of course have good water and fuel tanks. You can also add comfort items such as a washing machine or dishwasher, or exploration equipment like a diving compressor.

The technical hold of Neel trimarans is unique in the world of ocean cruising: it offers considerable space to install this equipment and ensure its maintenance in all circumstances. This is one of the strengths of Neel trimarans, making them genuine ocean-going exploration boats.

Own a NEEL trimaran in French Polynesia

Discover the NEEL TRIMARANS range

Sail Tahiti is the partner of choice for your long-distance cruise. We organize the preparation and delivery of your NEEL-TRIMARAN in France, directly in Polynesia or in any Pacific port thanks to our network of partners.

NEEL trimarans are unique yachts that brilliantly combine unrivalled living comfort on board with incredible sailing pleasure. A perfect balance, thanks to the experience, know-how and skills of a team of passionate sailors. Neel trimarans win podiums in major ocean rallies thanks to a skilful combination of pure performance, maneuverability and carrying capacity for all the equipment required for long-distance sailing.

Neel 52

Lease management or co-ownership: on a NEEL trimaran

The modularity of NEEL TRIMARANS spaces makes them ideal for chartering. For example, the Neel 47 can combine owner-style use, with plenty of storage space, and charter periods, thanks to its guest cabins in the outer hulls. As for the Neel 52, it’s the only 50-foot multihull to offer 6 cabins: a must for profitable chartering.

So if you’re thinking about a long-haul sailing project in Polynesia, and would like to charter or share your boat, contact us now: there’s a Neel trimaran and a Sail Tahiti program just for you!

BD Version 1 cabine plain pied - aménagement 4 cabines NEEL 52

BD 1-cabin version – 4-cabin layout NEEL 52

BD Version 6 cabines basses - 2 options cabines équipage - NEEL 52

BD Version 6 lower cabins – 2 crew cabin options – NEEL 52

Our pre-owned NEEL trimarans in Polynesia

NEEL 47 ANYWAY – 2020

Used boat Neel 47 Trimaran for sale in Tahiti

NEEL 47 from 2020, almost new, with full performance sailing equipment, including parasailor and asymmetric spinnaker. She’s ready for a round-the-world trip: 100l/h watermaker, solar panels, Watt&Sea hydrogenerator and 7 Kw generator. Complete electronics with 2 12” plotters (chart table and helm station), radar, AIS, Iridium Go, Maxsea software.

NEEL 51 CHICA 3 – 2021

Neel 51 in Tahiti

The latest Neel 51 available on the market, with an impressive list of options and custom equipment for long crossings. A unique opportunity to avoid the 2-year wait for a new order.