Polynesian outrigger canoe sailing becomes an elite sport

SAIL Tahiti was there !

Under a white-hot sun, 3 paddlers lost in the immensity of the Pacific Ocean.  At one with the swell and the wind, canoe powering along the swells, double outriggers and traditional sail.  The traditional Polynesia outrigger canoe, ancient method of sailing that populated the Pacific, has become an extreme endurance sport.

Men and women, elite paddlers and sailing champions, need to be ready to face difficult conditions racing over long distances.

The Hawaikinui Voyage Moorea to Huahine leg is over 150km and can take 10 hours to complete.  The head paddler is first in line to surf the swells, subject to the rhythm of the waves lifting the canoe, each surf a burst of energy.  The middle paddler is the engine, giving power and pace.  The helmsman behind is the tactician, trimming the sail and setting the direction according to the wind and currents, with a paddle strike on one side and then the other.

The Hawaikinui Voyage is a 5-day adventure from Tahiti to Bora Bora.  Each day the canoes compete in ocean legs or lagoon races, all against the backdrop of the immensity of the Pacific.  The Holopuni, extreme ocean sport …

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