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Makatea & Tetiaroa – hidden gems

(approx 120 nm)

Beginning and ending in Tahiti, this itinerary takes you to some of French Polynesias hidden gems.

Makatea is the only uplifted atol in  the Tuamotu.  Despite the now abandoned phosphates activity, this atol remains a paradise – climbing, caving, coconut crab hunting and some magnificent diving – it’s all here and just an overnight sail from Tahiti.  On the return trip we’ll stop in Tetiaroa, a classic atol in pristine condition, where you can see nesting sterns, explore the lagoon and practice watersports.

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Tahiti Makatea Tetiaroa 5 day charter experience

5-7 day Makatea & Tetiaroa sailing experience

Makatea French Polynesia

Makatea is a ‘rising atol’ meaning that it’s cliffs grow slightly higher each year

Tetiaroa’s bird island, a sanctuary for breeding colonies

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coconut crab hunting makatea

Coconut crab hunting, in Makatea atol – a night sport!

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