What’s more important when cruising long term, performance or comfort?

We think that the answer is very personal but we can help you with some facts and figures to compare models across our brands ExcessSeawindCorsairRapido , Neel and J Boats

Excess 15 performance cruising catamaran in Moorea
Excess 15 cataraman with a high aspect ratio mainsail for improved upwind performance and less overall drag

Here are some important questions to consider :

  1. What’s your level of experience? Performance multihulls can be impressive when the wind gets strong, but on the other hand if most of your sailing has been racing you will find many modern catamarans to be tame under sail.
  2. Where will you sail? The Pacific is huge and the distance between the islands is mostly hundreds of miles. You will need a boat that performs better than if you plan to sail in the Mediterranean or even the Caribbean
  3. Will you have children onboard? Children require attention so you may want to choose a boat that will be easier to manage than if it was just you and your racing friends

What can you do to improve the performance of your boat?  Well, you can choose a taller or carbon rig, add a code zero, reduce weight by choosing lithium batteries, or simply choose a performance boat where these options are built into the design.

How do catamaran brands compare?

Catamaran comparison analysis
Our view of the catamaran market, which brands are fast, which are luxurious, and which are the best compromise for the family sailing enthusiast …. make your choice!
Sailing the Excess 15 performance catamaran
Trimming the mainsail on the Excess 15

Excess 15 – performance catamarans in French Polynesia

We tried out the Excess 15 between Tahiti and Moorea for a full day of sailing. With her eye-catching design, large cockpit, double wheel layout and modern interior, she is a very attractive catamaran for a long term cruise. And with a choice of 3 to 6 cabins she can be tailored to accommodate your family as you’d like.

At the helm she feels light and powerful. The high aspect mainsail makes her a pleasure to sail even in a light breeze and with the big code zero she accelerates quickly. With all lines leading to the helm you never feel overpowered. She is also the most affordable 50 ft performance catamaran on the market.

Let’s look at some numbers :

Length = 14.75 m Upwind surface area = 166 m2
Displacement = 20 tons SA/DPSL = 5.02*
Sail aspect ratio = 4* Beam/Length = 0.54
Hull speed = 9.21 knots Cockpit area = 18 m2
Salon area = 25 m2 Base price = 645 200 euros 

* standard series catamarans have sail aspect ratios of 3 and SA/DSPL (sail area to displacement) of 4.5