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Performance or Comfort : choosing your catamaran


Performance and comfort: is there a trade-off? When choosing your catamaran, you'll be looking at performance, comfort ...and price.  To help you with your choice, we've taken a look at the recent trends in catamaran construction. Outremer has announced the participation of 3 of their boat owners in the next [...]

Performance or Comfort : choosing your catamaran2020-04-28T15:33:59-10:00

Ten Reasons to Sail in Tahiti


More that just a spectacular cruising destination, our top reasons to sail in Tahiti ! It's beautiful and unspoiled, there are the best surf and kiteboard spots, the best hikes, great facilities, a vibrant culture - everything you need for a memorable adventure ....

Ten Reasons to Sail in Tahiti2018-09-11T16:42:45-10:00