Your new sailboat purchase made simple

How Sail Tahiti can help you to purchase, prepare and learn to sail your new boat…

Buying your boat new comes with several advantages: you can choose the layout and the equipment to suit your needs, organizing financing is easier for a new boat, boat maintenance requirements are low, the boat is under guarantee and you can benefit from the knowledge and the after sales care of your dealer.

The questions that we are often asked by our clients planning their sabbatical are,

  • “How soon can I get sailing on my boat in French Polynesia?” and
  • How can I learn ocean sailing and caring for my new boat?”.

To help, we’ve put into place services to help you to to prepare your new boat, to deliver it to your sail away port and to learn ocean sailing.

ocean cruising or delivery in the atolls
Sail Tahiti can help you to learn to ocean sail on the delivery of your new sailboat, or you can take ownership in the atolls – the choice is yours

So how does the purchase and delivery of your new boat work?

1/ You choose your modelSail Tahiti distributes several boat brands that combine comfort and performance. Learn more about performance boats and comfortable cruising here >>

2/ We’ll help you to find the financing solution that fits your profile, be that a classic bank loan, a leasing agreement, or cash purchase… Sail Tahiti has established relationships with the main credit organizations in France and the USA.

3/ You confirm your new boat order by making a deposit.  Right now you should plan for 12 to 36 months between your order and the date the boat is launched.  This depends on the boat brand, some are more production capacity than others.

4/ You choose the layout and equipment for your new boat. We’ll need to communicate this to the manufacturer latest 6 months before the boat comes out of the factory.  Sail Tahiti will guide you in your choice of options based on our knowledge boat set-up for ocean cruising.

5/ Your boat is ready! The manufacturer delivery team will check all the details with us and our partners will install any extra options you’ve chosen like extra solar panels, lithium batteries, a bigger watermaker, washing machine etc…

6/ Take ownership of your new boatSail Tahiti will accompany you during boat acceptance, alongside the manufacturer’s team. We’ll check that the equipment works correctly, the boat is set-up optimally for sailing and the interior is well organized.  During this stage you will benefit from our long experience of ocean sailing and boat management.

7/ It’s time to set sail! Depending on your timetable, we’ll organize:

  • On site training, be that one or several weeks of sailing;
  • Delivery of your boat to French Polynesia, to the Caribbean, to Panama or the Mediterranean…
Sail Tahiti has the experience to help you manage your new boat purchase

We can help you to learn to sail, on your new boat, or take part in one of our delivery trips from France to Tahiti:

You can take part in the delivery of your boat.  This is a perfect opportunity to hone your sailing skills in the company of experts.  And you can personalize the experience for the members of your family.

If your purchase plan is in the future, you can still participate in one of our delivery trips to learn as your prepare for your boats delivery.

To learn more about this, take part in the day to day action of the delivery of the Excess 11 Te Ava.  David is sailing with clients and sailing instructor Benoit Debierre

TEAVA Excess 11 catamaran delivery predict wind tracker