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Longvent 40 – 1981

The Longvent 40 is a classically styled yacht, 12m, with elegant lines, seaworthy and robust.  Designed in 1981 and Swiss built by the boatyard Staemphli Manigley, it's an easy boat to handle, main sail and genoa on roller furling systems.  A slim hull gives good sea passage, but takes a little away from the interior space in comparison to more modern boats.  That being said, the interior layout is well done with space for a family to live comfortably.  The engine and other technical equipment are easily accessible which is a big positive.   The beauty and quality of the interior woodwork is also worth noting, for those who love the classic style.

Here the boat’s history given by her current owner: ”

My boat is a “Long vent 40″, built in Switzerland about 31 years ago on the shores of the lake Leman.  The architect Robert MENZI is responsible for the design and she was built along with 10 or 15 sister ships by the boatyard STAEMPFLI et MENIGLEY.  All are fiberglass oceangoing vessels.  Each owner designed the interior according to his tastes.  Libertade’s first owner, a doctor, called the boat AMIGNE after a well-known wine from the Helvetia valleys.  I bought the boat in 2004.  The owners at the time, Clément and Pascale, have stayed close friends of mine.  In the early days we sailed to Moorea and the leeward islands, our professional activities didn't give us time to go further afield. Later we explore the Marquise islands and the Tuamotus, as a family and sometimes I sailed alone.  The boat is easy to manage short-handed and handles big seas well thanks to her classic lines. Her interior woodwork is charming and gives an 'old-sailboat' look which we've enjoyed living in.”

  • Price : 35 000€/ 4.2M XPF

  • Make : Longvent 40

  • Architect : Robert Menzi

  • Lying : Tahiti

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